Seminole Nation Indian Princesses of Broward County, Florida

Iroquois Tribe


Internet whiz kid and director of Marshmellows.


Licensed pediatrician and head of food programs.

aims to be

  • Clean in body
  • Pure in heart
  • Friends always with my Father/Daughter
  • Love the sacred circle of my family


For more than 75 years, Indian Princesses has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the relationship and bonds between a Father and their children.  Find out how you can become a member to the Indian Princess program and build the lasting bond with your Daughter, today, before its too late.


in heart


those in need


my family


3x Tour de France winner and featured 

Cook on Iron Chef


Back-up drummer for Aerosmith and featured on Shark Tank


Peace Corps volunteer and entrepreneur.

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Spend time with your children and members in your community to make a difference in your daughter's life . . .

Being a Father isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round program gets so much attention. Devote your time and energy to building the relationship with your children and see first-hand the values you will begin to instill daily.

We travel to every corner of Florida to spend the time with our princesses.  With Dads and Daughters leading such busy schedules, the Seminole Nation makes it a point to plan events a year in advance, so everyone knows when they will be together.

Iroquois Tribe


Concert pianist and accomplished Song Writer

  • Listen while others speak
  • Love my neighbor as myself
  • Seek the Beauty of the Great Spirit's work
  • Preserve the Great Spirit's work in forest, field and stream